Kitchen Rules




Children learn how to :

  1. Choose only the right and fresh ingredients
  2. How to get organised and be prepared before starting to cook
  3. How to select and use the right cooking utensils
  4. How to prepare food
  5. How to cleverly spice up food
  6. How to enrich basic recipes


Have you ever wondered  how much talent your children have in cooking food that you never knew of or how this talent can be tranformed into a enjoyable experience ?  Well, this talent can be turned into a fruitful experience as well.  Would you ever imagine that a 5 year old child  could cook a nice meal for you? Could you ever think of a kid making a tastier "pastitsio" than their granny?

Well in the Kids Cooking Club we offer children this potential!!



The children are trained to:

  1. Get to know and distinguish different tastes
  2. Combine different ingredients wisely
  3. Know the different categories of materials such as nuts, vegetables, pasta, dairy products etc.
  4. Sorting out cooking ingredients into categories like cooking, pastry making or bakery
  5. Exploit taste to its full potential, starting from the basics like how to chew food or learning to sit in the correct manner at the table.


Do not be surprised when you find out that your child tells you how to use salt when you never used it correctly!!

Do not even be surprised if your son suggests the right combination between salty and sweet tastes!

At the Kids Cooking Club whatever children learn  is based on experimentation not just barren theory. For us that is what real learning is about.



Children are taught how to:

  1. Distinguidh and evaluate the nutritional value of every cooking ingredient
  2. Select food through combining health and taste
  3. Adopt healthy eating habits
  4. Enjoy and enrich kealthily their favorite dishes for better nutrition


Have you ever imagined your youngest son to tell you off because you had your third dessert!?

Have you even expected your children to ask you for an extra helping of salad that they once hated??

In the Kids Cooking Club the nutritional values are fully understood because the lessons are given as a form of entertainment and not as boring theory     



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