Kids Cooking Camps

How will the children spend the holiday festive season of Christmas, Easter and of course the Summer?  Well, At the Kids Cooking Club, however, every day is a celebration! 

During these periods our School smells creativity, exploration, wonderful delights, games and cooking, exciting trips and of course sports!


Wearing chef hoods, aprons, holding kitchen tools, rolling pins, herbs and spices, we sprinkle our joyful moods and bake delicacies!

Give your children the chance to combine every day with fun and learning.

The first official Cooking School for Children in Europe puts into practice a complete Expression & Employment Program that will pleasantly surprise all children!

Experiential initiation, nutritional education becomes a game. Enjoyment is combined with nutrition and delicacy by cooking healthy recipes.

Children develop co-operation and initiative, responsibility and organization, while consolidating knowledge about nutrition through original artistic creations.

With the guidance of experienced chefs, Cooking Expression and Educators, our little chefs acquire important knowledge:

  • They process the raw materials, categorize them and learn how to combine them
  • They cook recipes from start to finish all by themselves
  • They responsibly and carefully handle cookware, tools and kitchen appliances
  • They arrange different ingredients into  categories
  • Categorize recipes
  • They are taught what domestic budget is, ecological culinary consciousness and security as well as hygiene in the kitchen environment.

At the same time, getting into  the Cooking, pastry and Bakery Laboratories, children consolidate nutritional and culinary knowledge through:

  • Group games in the special Fantasy Area and the gardens
  • Workshops: Painting, Plastic and conjectural Arts, Constructions
  • Active games
  • Gardening-Ecology

Food & Arts Labs are designed by the Children's Art and Creation Center "Kallitechnoupolis" . Educational and artistic programs include Creative and Expression Educators, Graduates of School of Drama and Conjectural Arts - Fine Arts, Art Historians, Child Psychologists, University Kindergartens teachers.

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