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Would you imagine that your baby has the ability to become your assistant in the kitchen before it reaches the age of three years old?? Well, the kitchen environment is one of the most suitable and pleasant places to build a kind of cooperation between parents and children and we, at the Kids Cooking Club, know that very well!!  Cooking can be learnt through movement, music, teamwork, theatrical expression, individual exploration and of course the ability to take initiative. The tasting stimuli are combined with the cultivation of all the other senses (touch, smell, vision, and hearing). At this very sensitive age, when everything is indelibly marked in the brain, we achieve a gradual but steady initiation of the child into the basic principles of nutritional balance and taste development given in an always creative and motivating way.

Two or three experienced cognitive teachers undertake the task of making nutrition education for the young and elders an exciting experience. Usually the little ones do not want to leave the room at the end of the lesson!!


Children learn:

  • to cook,  bake,  knead,  cut, mix cooking ingredients
  • to make use of all cooking materials correctly
  • the food categories, breakfast – cooking snacks - decorative - lunch - afternoon - dinner
  • classify recipes, cooking – pastry - bakery
  • to exercise their motor skills in the kitchen in the safest way
  • to develop cooperation and communication

The program is conducted under the guidance of the Cognitive Cooking Expression Educator) and the School Chef.

The children spend their time in a creative and pleasant way cooking their own food, which they eat at the end of every lesson.




  • Cooking Raw materials
  • Special clothing and personal equipment for each child
  • Kitchen utensils and kitchen tools
  • Cooking and serving special dishes
  • Insurance coverage for medical care and civil protection (only for our registered members)
  • Free participation of children in the Cooking School events
  • Antiseptic disinfectant nontoxic substances  for working surfaces , suitable for use on hands with certified products


  • The basic program is divided into weekly lessons. Every lesson takes 75 minutes
  • * The maximum number of children per group cannot exceed 6 students
  • * The Kids Cooking Club is open from 1st September until 31st July of each year.

* Registrations and entries can be made all year round

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