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Come to us and we are going to design together your own kid’s party!!!  The kids Cooking Program Event!!


Using your children’s  imagination and of course our Chef 's most pleasant mood, we’ll set sail for culinary trips and wonderful delights creating little wonder dishes that our little hosts can offer to their guests  during their unique, original cooking party!!

At the Kids Cooking Club kids’ parties are part of our greatest culinary passion! We are sure you will agree with us that children are bored cooking the same food over and over!!  Of course they deserve something out of the ordinary which is going to “jog” their mood leaving behind the usual dishes. Well, we have the same philosophy! We set very high standards for your child's party so we are constantly on the alert for new ideas that combine fun with originality. Creativity with uniqueness!. Cheerful mood with creating original artistic results! And, as other clients say about us, we have probably succeeded in that!


Come together and we will plan the most memorable event for your child, at whatever age it is!  Would he like to take part in an impressive show with pizza rotating dough? Or break with his friends the most delicious and savory “piñata” ever imagined? He can choose the tastes he prefers, depending on whether it is a boy or a girl, and leave his friends speechless with what we will organize for them. Here, we do not care if it makes a mess, if he asks for something more “unique” or even “extreme” or if he wants us to create something for a lot of “WOW’s!"  for his friends!!

In our School, the main theme of the party is, of course, cooking! Together, we will organize the cooking “fantasy journey” that he prefers to live with his friends just as he has dreamt it would be. We will arrange everything for you: Cooking materials, caps, aprons, utensils, Kitchen tools.... You just bring your son or daughter to the Cooking Club along with your most festive mood and enjoy your children becoming the best hosts!


They will be crazy about creating delicious dishes that they taste and they will offer to you grown-ups! You will be surprised at how a child can cook the most delicious buffet. With the guidance of our experienced Cooking Expression educators and with great safety and a lot of inspiration, children make delicious explorations, through daring, and at the same time, learn!  Through laughter, smears, baking, music, fun and a warm company mood, eating and culinary knowledge becomes the most fab party.

However, cooking is not the only adventure you will experience. At the Kids Cooking Club we “spice up” our parties with a lot of imaginative artistic action. In collaboration with the "Kallitechnoupolis" the Children's Art and Creation Center, the young guests have the opportunity to create souvenirs and gifts that will offer during the celebration and participate in many other mini events that will lift their spirits and their inventiveness.


At the Kids Cooking Club we put a lot of energy, knowledge and fun when organizing a celebration.

We are confident that you will love our carefully designed environment, the aesthetics of space and our decoration.

And better yet, that you will appreciate our flexibility in our proposals for our children’s entertainment, which sets high standards for our original spirit. Most importantly, however, we want you to enjoy our hospitality that will transform your child's party into a memorable event. You will feel the same too! 

For you, their parents, we would like you to enjoy your own special party with your adult guests, in your own space, listening to your favorite music, having your own serving staff, choosing your own menu, your own drinks and food choices - salty or sweet handmade dishes - and your own “art de la table”! Then, compare with your child who had the most incredible time!

  •  Parties can be given at the Kids Cooking Club or in your own area or in the garden.
  •  Duration: 3 hours
  •  Appropriate design depending on the age group: 4-6, 7-10 and 11-14 years old.
  •  Availability : Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday



Would you like to live a new experience FUN CLUB family? Would you like to see rotating pieces of dough in the air or savory “piñatas” Yummy but enjoyable cooking smears, aprons, cooking hoods, fantasy and cooking exploration through music enjoyable games, cooking art and surprises?? For many master chef activities …..Organize your very own party!
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Come to us and we are going to design together your own kid’s party!!! The kids Cooking Program Event!!
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