For the tortillas

250g flour

250g corn flour

250ml water

1 teaspoon salt


For the filling

1 red Florina pepper chopped

1 green pepper chopped

2 grated carrots

1/2 dry onion chopped

200g parboiled rice (boiled)

150g grated Graviera

3 tablespoons flour

200g tomato paste

200ml water

2 teaspoons smoked paprika

4 tablespoons olive oil



1 chicken breast chopped into small pieces (optional)



Sift the two types of flour in a bowl and place the water and salt. Knead until the dough becomes soft and it doesn’t stick in your hands. (In such case, just add some extra flour)

By using a rolling pin, shape into thin and round tortillas and then place two frying pans on cooking stoves, the one in a medium heat and the other one in a high heat.

Place each tortilla in a medium fire on both sides for about half a minute. Then place the tortilla in high heat, again for about half a minute, until it expands and gets a brown color.Sauté the peppers onion and carrots in a frying pan with olive oil, until they soften. While mixing thoroughly, add the flour and then add the tomato paste, water and rice. Season with paprika, salt and pepper and when the sauce binds, fill each tortilla with the mixture and the cheese as well. Then fold the tortilla from all sides, like an envelope.

Spread some Graviera on top and grill in the oven for 7 minutes in 200℃ until golden brown.

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