Cereal bars without sugar


15 tablespoons oat

6 tablespoons whole-wheat cereal flakes

8 dry fruits (apricots, plums, papaya, kiwi, etc.)

2 tablespoons dry cranberries

4 tablespoons sunflower seeds/almonds/hazelnuts/pumpkin seeds

1 tablespoon coconut

4 tablespoons honey

20g melted couverture chocolate


Enjoy this quick, easy, healthy and full of energy snack throughout all day.


Cut all the dry fruit and cranberries into little pieces. By using amortar, break all the (without them turning into a powder) and gently crumblethe cereal flakes into a separate bowl.

Heat up the dry nuts in a casserole of medium fire. Then add the dry fruits, oat and coconut and mix well until they are lightly roasted.

Throw the honey and gently mix until all ingredients are homogenized.

Remove from the fire and, while the casserole is still warm, add the chocolate pieces. Mix well until the chocolate melts and then add the crumbled cereal. Knead the mixture and before cool, shape it into a long form or alternatively place it in asilicone mold (where you can put any decorations you like). Finally, press well.

Place the cereal bars in the fridge for approximately 30 minutes until theyare firm.

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